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Shopping with My Panty Boy Phone Sex

by Zoey on November 12, 2013


You have been such a good little sissy princess in- training, and I feel like you deserve a reward! Let’s take a trip to that sexy lingerie store in town. I want to show you how gratifying it is to treat you to silky thongs and lace trim panties. Pick through the displays of powdery pinks, deep lustful reds, and domineering blacks. Try on each and every pair of sexy sissy panties for the lovely ladies in the store, we love to see a sissy doll showing off her assets! The super sexy boy shorts hugging on to your tight femme ass. Those slutty string tied thongs made of that silky smooth fabric running against your little clitty. You are becoming a sissy role model, for so many of those untrained sissies, and it is all thanks to me Sissy Training Mistress Zoey. Keep following my lead and you will live an amazingly happy simply sissy life!


Zoey 1-888-695-9745

Princess Zoey

This Sweet Phone Sex blog written by Zoey.
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Double your Pleasure Sissy Phone Sex….

by Adara on January 14, 2012

You have been checking out this site and rubbing your little clitty for some time now, haven’t you? But you can’t decide which of the beautiful Goddesses here will help you. How about a two girl call to help decide. We will transform you into the sissy you are meant to be. It’s time to stop riding the fence on this issue sweetheart and just give in to these desires. You are sitting there in women’s clothing now anyway. Why not go all the way and completely enjoy the experience?

Ms. Shay & Mistress Adara


Adara 1-866-488-8521

your Sissification Process Sissifier Extraordinaire.

This Sweet Phone Sex blog written by Adara.
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for Sweet Sissy Phonesex.
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by Lady A 1-888-723-7292 on January 7, 2012

Hello there Pretty little sissygirl! I am your wet dream cum true! I am interested in ALL of your little sissy fantasies, you can trust Me to take care when it cums to making you play with your little clitty for Me. I like it when you want to show off and be the ultimate Femmy little bitch! Call Me and I will make sure your little sissy fantasies are all thoughtfully realized and made real. We can have a TON OF FUN playing together and making sweet lesbian love together hahaha, WHATEVER your sissy fantasy I’m your beautiful Mistress, Lady A…. I am a Strict Mistress or a Soft Mistress when you call Me tell me if you need a Hammer or a Feather LOL I can do it all! :)

Can’t wait to Play!!!! Lady A         


Lady A 1-888-723-7292

Sissy Maker Lady A

This Sweet Phone Sex blog written by Lady A.
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