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Becoming A Loyal Sissy To Your Mistress Simone

by Simone 833-357-9557 on October 17, 2011

Humiliation Phone Sex is one of my favs. I love to make pathetic losers like you bow down to me. Make you worship my feet, and tell me how you would do anything to please Your Mistress. You go home to your wife and kids… Making them believe you are the man of the house. There’s no need to pretend with me, I see past all of the bull. I know you long to be owned, you want to be told what to do, and you adore the fact that I am more than willing to bring out the sissy in you.

Being a Good Sissy is KEY. When I tell you to do something, you MUST do it. I love to make my panty lovers go into a Victoria Secret Store, pick out the most sexy panties and buy them. No that’s not hard is it? The part where they tell the cashier that it’s for them… well now you always cry like a wimp, but you know if you want to be considered a good sissy, you have to do it.

My tests are easy, but hard enough to tell the different between a loyal sissy and the switchers. My goodness, I hate those. You want to be owned one day and then the next… you feel as though your worthy enough to fuck my pussy??

I love forcing them into submission. You think your good enough? Well wait until I’m through with you.

Step 1 of Becoming a good sissy…. Give up Total Control To Mistress Simone.

Stay tuned for Step 2….

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