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 Aren’t you the  pretty one? Are you ready for Girlie Boi Sissy Phone Sex.   You probably fool all the men don’t you?  Looking like a real girlie poo except for that overgrown clitty and a stuffed bra.  You are curvaceous though, I’ll give you that much.  I know what a Lady Boy like you needs.  Nobody quite understands you do they?  Always feeling like you were born with the wrong equipment has got to be frustrating for a pretty little thing like you.  Your voice is a little bit low, but I can tell that you have been working on that as well.  Girlie Boi Sissy Phone Sex with me is exactly what you need to become the girl you were always intended to be.

Girlie Boi Sissy Phone Sex

 Oh, don’t just sit there wondering if you should call or not.  Go ahead and pick up your phone and dial 888-550-2794.  Don’t be scared.  I’m here to help you. See these tits?  I obviously wasn’t born with these.   One of my admirers bought them for me.  It’s amazing what a pair of these will do for your self worth as a woman.  I haven’t always been the domineering mistress I am now.  It took lots of training to become who I am.  I still have a sensitive side.  Especially for lady boys like yourself.  Knowing that you are one thing and meant to be another can be rather frustrating.

You need someone to talk to.  Mistress Angel is here for you.  Lady Boy Phone Sex with me is your therapy.   I can keep all your secrets for you.  No longer do you have to bare them alone.  I’m here for you.  If you feel like no one understands you missy, I do.  Call me now for Girlie Boi Sissy Phone Sex.  I support you honey.

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