Hypnotic Mistress Scarlett

by Scarlett on October 11, 2011

Welcome to Purrfectly Sissified!  I am Mistress Scarelett and I am very much looking forward to controlling your mind and body soon.   Here’s a little bit about me.  Enjoy!!  xoxo

I love sissies, panty boys, cuckolds, slaves, money pigs and submissive men of any form. I don’t just talk about the lifestyle, I live it. I get off on it! I have MY very own subby boys who handle chores for Me and clients that see Me for training and sessions. If you’re looking for someone who knows how to handle it all, I’m the woman for you. My sexy sweet voice will have you eating out of the palm of my hand! All fetishes, genders and sexual orientations are welcome. I also offer erotic hypnosis sessions with a prior consultation for those with minds open to hypnotic persuasion. 

I will encourage you to open your mind to Me. I adore newbies, and can start you on your road to true Forced Feminization and Willing Feminization. I am expert at coaxing you and subtle subliminal messages, I have experience in implanting keywords and phrases to make you feel more comfortable in your feminine state and have incredible orgasms as a girl would. I am open to letting you cum and also denying your orgasm and teasing the fuck out of you for My pleasure. What will I be today? A good witch or a bad witch???? LOL What do you need?


Scarlett 1-(877) 421-4579

Mistress Scarlett for sissifying :)

This Sweet Phone Sex blog written by Scarlett.
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Are you ready to be my sissy bitch?

by Stevie on October 10, 2011

The time has come for you to answer your one true calling and that is too be my little sissy bitch. I want you waiting for me when I come home from work. Down on your knees all dressed in the pretty little outfit I laid out for you. I want to see your painted fingers and toes and that bright lipstick applied to those dick sucking lips. I walk towards you slowly and whisper just loud enough to be heard “inspect”. I watch you slowly take position, and I smile because I know how much you desire to please me. I move towards you and caress your soft face and place a blindfold over your head and down over your eyes so you can not see what I am doing to you, so this will heighten your senses. I softly touch your face and let my fingers whisp across your painted lips as I reach the corner of your pretty little mouth I smear your lipstick. I leave you sitting in silence, and wondering what the night has in store for you.  I make my way to retrieve my box of toys and tricks. You can tell when I reenter the room, because I crack my whip and laugh. I am going to have so much fun with me little sissy panty boy.

Don’t keep me waiting!!! Call me tonight!

Mistress Stevie



Stevie 1-888-469-1269

Your One and Only Mistress Stevie

This Sweet Phone Sex blog written by Stevie.
Call Stevie at 1-888-469-1269
for Sweet Sissy Phonesex.
Here is a direct link to Stevie's web site

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